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Go fast the Motovudu way with 500cc GP winner Simon Crafar

This sort of behaviour is entirely normal and everyday for Crafar...
This sort of behaviour is entirely normal and everyday for Crafar...

By MotoGP desk

Former Red Bull Yamaha 500cc rider and grand prix winner Simon Crafar has introduced a new track riding DVD and book entitled Motovudu.

After a fantastic response from his track day clients, Kiwi Crafar decided to put his knowledge into a book and DVD series which caters to all levels of track day riders, from those about to embark on their first event to seasoned racers.

The products cover the techniques, tips and tricks learnt by Crafar over his extensive career which culminated with a win at the British 500cc Motorcycling Grand Prix in 1998. He really does know how the fast guys go fast:

"The objective is to teach any rider how they can ride faster and keep it safe.... the methodology isn’t over complicated but effective with logical techniques," he says.

“I have instructed many hundreds of people on circuit one to one and I get mad when I hear how much time and money some riders have spent doing particular training schools and reading books etc, that obviously don’t work. They come to me with some fundamental problems with their riding that make it limiting and dangerous to ride any faster.

Of course there is more than one way to skin a sheep but you need to stay away from the techniques that cause unnecessary risks. I want to pass on the essential rules I learned the hard way, that work at all levels and are not limiting.

Filming took place at Circuit Motorland Aragon in Spain at the end of September and with the combination of some of the best cameramen, photographers and publishers in the business, it has the feel of a stylish snowboard or motocross video. It also features Keith Flint, front man of 'The Prodigy' who 'is a great guy and is passionate about bikes,' sayd Crafar.

Enjoy the special clip below and click here to order your copy of this awesome package.