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'Less aggressive' riding style pushes Redding to consistent podiums

Redding in his Assen garage with crew chief Pete Benson
Redding in his Assen garage with crew chief Pete Benson

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MarcVDS rider Scott Redding has attributed his back-to-back Moto2 podiums to a change in riding style which has seen him smooth out his riding style and not being so aggressive with the throttle coming out of corners.

The Gloucestershire teenager had been wringing the neck of his Kalex-frame machine in order to try and match the straight-line pace of much lighter riders like Marc Marquez but he has now altered the way he controls the throttle to make tyre life much longer.

"I’ve been working on throttle control and not being as aggressive as I used to be. I used to be nothing to full gas but now I 'm working with it more but also having a bike that works with me is easier," said Redding.

"I can get tucked in and I’m not fighting it all the time. I can be much smoother and being relaxed makes everything easier. I don’t have to fight the bike and it means I can focus more on the throttle control, and that’s been the biggest advantage.

"When you can see the consistency, you can go into the race with more confidence, it makes it easier for me. If I get a good qualifying spot, there is no reason why I can't be running with these guys."

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