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Cadwell BSB: Crutchlow wildcards in Ducati Cup

Dek Crutchlow has also been supporting his son, Cal in MotoGP
Dek Crutchlow has also been supporting his son, Cal in MotoGP

Image by Bonnie Lane

No, not that one. Cal's dad Dek Crutchlow has made a wildcard appearance in the Ducati TriOptions Cup at Cadwell Park this weekend, and at the age of 68 he isn’t keen on hanging up his leathers just yet.

It was 22 years since Crutchlow senior last took to the Lincolnshire track, but the adrenaline and excitement has not left him, and even though he wasn’t inside the top ten times he still enjoyed his time in the class.

The last time the pensioner properly raced was 13 years ago, and now supports his son Cal, in MotoGP. Crutchlow finished race one in 20th place, but hopes to do better in race two on Monday, and even though he has been racing for a number of years, he still feels the nerves, and that was the case today.

“Generally over the weekend it was fair to say I felt as nervous at the start of the race - and I last felt like that back at the track in 1992. I have never ridden a bike with a quick shifter so it was a bit different for me, but I am not using the controls to the full potential as I am using old school methods,” said Crutchlow, speaking to

"I was pathetic to my standards in the free practice sessions because even though I haven’t raced properly for 13 years you still believe you have got it, and that is the same for me. I am 68 and I am still going and I am still excited about racing, and it makes me happy.

"During qualifying I felt good, and I enjoyed it and I went two seconds quicker and then I came across a competitor and I had a battle with him and then knocked another two seconds off, and I didn’t qualify last - which was good.

"I was nervous in the race, and I am a bit disappointed but at the next race I expect to go faster, but I am glad I stayed on the bike, and people have been nice to me. I was kindly invited to race today, and I chose this track as this was where I had my first ever race win. I am living the dream again.

“I felt the adrenaline again and I was off and running, but at the end of the day I know I could keep up with the other guys, if I was their age. Also I was concentrating on what I was doing wrong, which started to annoy me.

“I want it to rain tomorrow, but it wont be an ultimate leveller but I think it will make things interesting. Bikers are proper people and I feel like I am part of an extended family, and it feels like that here at Cadwell Park.”

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