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Laverty on lap record pace at Snetterton BSB test

Laverty in conversation with Prodigy frontman Keith Flint at Snetterton
Laverty in conversation with Prodigy frontman Keith Flint at Snetterton

Image by Blind Jake's Unsteadicam

Honda Racing's Michael Laverty was on lap record pace during his second day of British Superbike testing at Snetterton, putting in an unofficial lap of 1'48.7, recorded by, which is fractions off the fastest race lap set at the circuit last summer - and Laverty did it without the aid of traction control and a much more standard engine.

Laverty, along with team-mate Jon Kirkham, has spend the last two days lapping the Norfolk circuit with the Irishman starting the day with consistent 1'50s before dipping into the 1'49s and then putting in his fastest towards the end of the day.

"We've made progress with the chassis, electronics and the air bleed system. We continued on from yesterday with the chassis, we hadn't really touched it since day one at Cadwell and we started to get it dialled in to suit me a little better. Today we started to refine it a little bit, stiffening things up a bit," said Laverty, speaking to at Snetterton.

"We went a little too stiff just to find the limit so we came back a little bit on it and trying a few little things with corner entry - mostly slipper clutch and air bleed - so there's been a lot of experimenting to find out what works with this bike and what doesn't - where we need to improve.

"We've tried a few variations on the front with different clamps just to see what they feel like and get a direction for the season really. To do the fast lap, I had in a shock which gave me a lot more grip but it worked the tyre a little bit hard so it's good for a fast lap but not an ideal race setup so we need to find a compromise, something that is good for tyre life but gives us enough grip for that sort of pace.

"Early days, it was the first time we put a ten-lap run on that tyre but I think overall our pace is quite good. Maybe we need to bring in a little consistency and I'm missing my apexes in a couple of places. When I push I can do two laps and then on the third I'm trying a wee bit too hard, it becomes unsettled and you make a mistake. It's nice to be up to a race speed. We've got plenty of days left after today before we rock up to Brands so we have time to refine the areas where I am still weak but overall I am really happy."

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