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Monza WSB: Boss Ciabatti explains Biaggi penalty

Ciabatti pointed out that Biaggi contravened two of the rules
Ciabatti pointed out that Biaggi contravened two of the rules


World Superbike director Paolo Ciabatti has explained his stewards reasons for handing down a ride-through penalty to Max Biaggi in yesterday's seocnd race at Monza.

At a briefing on Friday, to which Biaggi apparently didn't go, riders were told that if they went across the paved areas of the two chicanes (variantes) three times in one race, they would receive a ride-through penalty as Haga did.

It was also explained that riders also had to follow the metre-wide escape route to get back on to the track without crossing a white line.

"In the tests on Friday we canceled 320 times riders who failed to meet this standard. Furthermore, we stated that this manoeuvre could not be made ??for more than three times during each race or you ride through penalty would be incurred in the trough, as in fact happened to Haga in race one," he said.

"[Biaggi] passed over the road bordered by white line, the television pictures to prove it. That alone would be enough to punish but the timing also reveals a gain of three-tenths for the Aprilia rider."

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