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MotoGP Indy: Protest sees Ellison drop points

Ellison in action at Indianapolis
Ellison in action at Indianapolis

Image by Gold'n'Goose

Britain's James Ellison managed another vital MotoGP point in Sunday's Indianapolis race despite being hampered by a broken gearbox and being demoted a place in the standings after being protested by an American wildcard rider.

The Kendal man was able to mix it with the CRT front-runners at the start as he rocketed up to 13th place but then his mechanical problems began and caused him to run off track, lose 20 seconds and re-join in last place.

"The race was frustrating as we had a really good start and a really strong pace but a gearbox problem forced us out of contention so it was basically just a case of salvaging as many points as possible. I was up to 13th on lap one and battling with Toni Elias and Karel Abraham but as I went into Turn 1 on lap three, there was a problem with the gearbox which caused me to run off the track losing nearly 20 seconds and putting me dead last by a long way," said Ellison.

"I fought so hard to get back in the points and the problem reoccurred two more times with the same outcome, only the third time it happened, it caused me to cut the track and accidently gain a 1.6 second advantage. I didn't really think a lot of it given I had lost so much time and was delighted to have finished 14th in the race but a protest was put in by the rider I beat which was upheld and put us down to 15th.

"I think it was a bit harsh as we lost over 20 seconds with the other two excursions and if you ask me, it was just bad sportsmanship and I was very disappointed that we didn't get the additional point we worked so hard for. I have raced against Steve Rapp in AMA and have a lot of respect for him and his Attack team so am disappointed they resorted to this."

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