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Oulton BSB: Testing pays dividends for Lowry

Lowry giving some a Paddington really hard stare...
Lowry giving some a Paddington really hard stare...

Image by Double Red

British Superbike Championship series leader Ian Lowry reckons the amount of pre-season testing carried out with his Padgett's Honda team is beginning to pay dividends and another outing last week at Oulton Park, the venue for this weekend's action, has shored that opinion up.

The Irish ex-chef says he came away from the test with something approaching a good base setting despite spending half the day on a wet track but he is relaxed and says there is no pressure being applied, other than to enjoy racing.

“This should be another pretty strong round for us. I’ve had some success there in previous seasons, we’ve got a good base setting for the bike and the team is putting everything into it. It is all in place so it is a case of getting there and getting into it. There is no pressure on me, nothing is worrying me, it is a case of working away at it," said the Irishman, who now has some leathers courtesy of the power of Twitter. And Alpinestars.

"The important thing is that I stay in the top six across the season to be in the showdown. Clive Padgett is a mega guy, so enthusiastic and his bikes are spot on. We did the most pre-season testing that I have ever done because these are brand new bikes, really got stuck in and that is paying dividends now.”

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