British Superbikes limited to 32 places for 2012

Sixteen two-bike teams will look a bit like this...
Sixteen two-bike teams will look a bit like this... Picture: Double Red

British Superbike bosses today revlealed the grid for the 2012 championship will be limited to 32 bikes which they want to see as 16 two-bike teams to reward the loyalty of those who have invested in the series up until now.

Currently, there is no upper limit set in stone but this season saw packed grids for the first part of the year that have only dwindled slightly at the halfway point. Teams wanting to get in will, however, be able to buy an existing entry for a market-driven cost.

"We want to reward those teams who have been supporting BSB for a long time. It is never easy to find budgets. Teams are always scratching away but there are many who are here year in, year out because they are racers and they want to be here," said MSVR boss Jonathan Palmer.

"This new regulation will give true value to these teams. We will be inviting applications for two-bike teams initially and then if teams want to graduate into BSB then they will need to buy an entry. There is no fee to become part of the inital elite."

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