‘It’s all down to the rider now’ - Smart

Smart has his eyes firmly on the cliche this year
Smart has his eyes firmly on the cliche this year Picture: Bonnie Lane - CanBe Images

Moto Rapido Ducati’s Scott Smart has been relishing the switch to the 2012 rules for some time and says that the championship is now just down to the rider, the tyres and the conditions with no expensive electronics to make the difference.

The former British 250cc Champion has been instrumental in campaigning for a switch to the no-electronics rule and will now have a Ducati Corse-backed Ducati Panigale 1199 on which to race in 2012.

“I’ve been looking forward to this season since the Evo rules were first mentioned. All the bikes are basically the same, save for some idiosyncrasies here and there so it is all down to the rider, the tyre and the conditions," said Smart.

"As always, the fast riders will be fast but we aren’t constrained by not having expensive electronics anymore. Everyone is in the same boat in terms of machinery, only the hospitality suite and motorhome competition can be won by cash now.”

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