‘It’s like sitting on a rocket’ says Redding after Ducati MotoGP test

Redding pictured with MarcVDS team boss Michael Bartholemy, who organised the test
Redding pictured with MarcVDS team boss Michael Bartholemy, who organised the test Picture: www.SMARTFotos.co.uk

MarcVDS Moto2 man Scott Redding got a real eye opener when he tested Valentino Rossi Ducati Desmosedici GP12 at Mugello but didn’t appreciated how quick it was until he gave it full gas in top down the Italian track’s massive straight.

The Gloucestershire youngster, who has been under the watchful eye of team manager Voti Guareschi for some time, was given the once-in-a-lifetime experience, and this is what he had to say:

"I had no idea what was going to happen but I was going down the pit lane with the limiter on thinking, ‘I’m on a MotoGP bike and I’ve no idea what to expect’. It was a real eye-opener, I opened it up full bore and thought, ‘Well, it’s not that quick’ but realised about the anti-wheelie and traction control systems," said Redding.

"The first time I came down the home straight and went from 5th to 6th gear and had the throttle completely wide open, that’s when you realise how fast it really is. It’s like sitting on a live rocket ship!

"When I got to the track we did the introductions and they showed me four bikes and they said ‘choose your bike’. There were two test bikes then two other bikes that they’d made modifications to but they wouldn’t tell me about those! I chose a bike then they set up every bike for me and I ended up trying two different bikes over the two days.

"Mugello’s a hard circuit to get a GP a bike around, there’s a lot of change of direction which is hard to get used to when especially on a bike that’s heavier than my Moto2 bike but it was pretty immense; the fast straight with the brow then you’re in the braking zone for the first corner by the time you’re in 6th gear. The bike would always want to wheelie but to try and go straight over it would cost 0.3/0.4s.

"It was really interesting to compare the data with Rossi’s. Coming out of Aarrabbiata (turn 8), mid-corner speed, to the end of the lap we were virtually the same but it was the first half of the lap where he made his time."

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