Knockhill BSB: ‘Consistent’ Bridewell moves into Showdown spot

One at a time please, girls. No pushing in...
One at a time please, girls. No pushing in... Picture: Impact Images

Devises swearbox Tommy Bridewell put in another brace of consistent points finishes in Scotland to leapfrog the absent Stuart Easton and take his place in the top six, ready for the Showdown at the end of the year.

Bridewell, who readily admits he couldn’t have dreamed about being this close to the top of the table in the early part of the year, has changed his attitude over the course of this season and is now looking to build up a points haul instead of looking for a crash to be involved in.

“If you’d said at the start of the year that this was where I would be now, I’d have laughed but in recent meetings, we have been able to put together proper, consistent points scores and I have thought a lot more about what I am doing and where I need to be,” said the strawberry blonde rider.

“I could have made lunges to be higher up in both races at Knockhill, but there is every chance that I would have taken both me and the other rider out, so I took the points. I knew who was behind me and what I needed to do to get good finishes.

“As far as I am concerned, the top four have gone now but I want to make fifth my own so we have one place to play with if it should happen to go wrong before the cut-off point.”

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