Knockhill BSB: Laverty silences critics with second win

Laverty muscles his way past Byrne in Scotland
Laverty muscles his way past Byrne in Scotland Picture: Double Red

Samsung Honda’s Michael Laverty has silenced critics who said his Snetterton win was a one-off with a second victory and a third place in the British Superbike double-header at Knockhill.

Laverty replied to a comment made by Josh Brookes that his win in Norfolk was only because of the significant testing time done there by the Honda team and added that he has proved they are there to fight for the title.

“After Snetterton there were a few people that said my win would be a one off and wrote me off, but this weekend proved that we can be up fighting for the title too. I knew that the races were going to be tough today and Tommy and Shakey upped the pace again and I was pushing really hard," said Laverty.

"There were areas where we had a concertina effect where one of us was faster than the other but overall our lap times were very similar. I thought maybe on the last lap we could have had a sniff at Tommy in race one but I didn’t want us to tangle. I wasn’t overly dissatisfied with the first race but we made some changes that gave me more confidence in the front for the second one. I made some early passes and then controlled it from the front and it worked out perfectly. Our championship is really back on track now so we are looking forward to Oulton Park.”

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