MotoGP Assen: Rossi appeals for ‘clear plan’ from Ducati

Rossi says moving the bike's weight around isn't working
Rossi says moving the bike's weight around isn't working Picture:

Italian superstar Valentino Rossi has urged Ducati to come up with a clear and effective plan to improve his Desmosedici GP12 sooner rather than later after his sank to tenth place in MotoGP qualifying at Assen today.

The Doctor was only four-tenths of a second off the pace in first free practice yesterday but couldn’t make the tyre last. Today, he and Nicky Hayden had made some setup changes to try to decrease wear but it just meant they were back to a lack of corner-exit grip. Rossi also fell victim to the weather as he only managed one exit on soft tyres when he had planned three.

“Ducati need for try to bring this bike at a better level. We need to have a clear and a better plan for try to fix the problem, because at this moment we expect just a different engine to try for try to have the bottom more smooth, which I think is a good idea," said Rossi, speaking to this evening.

"But for the problem of the understeer and to finish the tyre too early I don’t know what I have to expect. We need some good ideas because for try and fix the problem it is not enough to try to fix with the settings. We need something more but unfortunately I don’t know what.

"From Portugal, we arrived to a good setting and did a not-so bad race. We had to arrive at a good point of speed for understand because in the first races I was very slow but from Portugal the problem looks the same, so for this reason I expect some good ideas and a good effort for try to fix this problem because it is very optimistic for try to think that just moving the weight will fix the problem."

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