MotoGP Austin: New parts for Dovizioso at Le Mans

Dovi is unsure whether the new parts will change anything
Dovi is unsure whether the new parts will change anything Picture: Bonnie Lane

It was more of the same for Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso with none of the problems he experienced in testing and at Qatar going away for the Austin MotoGP round but the Italian rider confirmed that he and team-mate Nicky Hayden would get new parts for Le Mans.

He wasn’t able to say whether they would be significant but also said over the course of the season, new electronics, chassis and engines would also appear. Until then, there is nothing they can do but make the best of an average job.

"The result is not what we want, the gap is not what we want, but we knew that. I am happy with my consistency, I could stay for most of the laps in the low 2’05s. I push really hard from the beginning and I use really a lot of energy but I could keep a really good pace,” said Dovizioso, speaking to at Austin.

"The problems are the same as before, nothing new. To understand the problem you have to see all the riders use the same bike. The gap to the other Ducati riders is big so it means the problem is big.

"Unfortunately, we have to wait some time for new parts. I don’t know if they will be big enough to reduce the gap. Maybe we get them at Le Mans, maybe after. Like this is difficult but the only thing I can do is push 100 per cent every practice.

"During the year will arrive new electronics, new chassis, engine, everything will arrive but I don’t know when they arrive if they will be ok. Until then we can do nothing."

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