MotoGP Silverstone: ‘I wanted it bad’ - Redding

Redding goes under Marquez at Silverstone
Redding goes under Marquez at Silverstone Picture:

MarcVCDS Moto2 star Scott Redding has said he badly wanted a podium in front of his home crowd at Silverstone and got it, muscling MotoGP rider-elect Marc Marquez into third two corners from home after dealing with a challenge from mate Bradley Smith.

Smith came past Redding into the first corner for the lead, but the Gloucestershire man was having none of it and the pair swapped paint a few times before Redding was able to make a gap. He then set about leading before having to give best to winner Espargaro but kept out Marquez for his second rostrum spot of 2012.

"It was quite a tough race, it was fast, I was setting a high pace in the beginning which wasn’t really my plan. I was planning on sitting behind someone and go, but when Bradley led I thought, ‘I have to do something’ so I just went to the front and started to go," said Redding, speaking to

"Me and Bradley are quite tight out there, to come out and do that on the first lap, I was like ‘crikey (Did not say crikey - Ed), this is not happening, not today, not any day’. I came through, I made a hard move on him, and he made quite a hard move back in a fast place. We were battling a bit and in the end I gave a hard move to him to say, ‘I’m leading this thing’ and started to go.

"I battled a bit and in the end I made some good moves and started to lead with a little bit of a gap and then Pol was coming with me and I thought, ‘If I can go with him that’s good’. I went for one or two laps and Iannone came past and held me up a bit and I should have really passed back earlier but I didn’t.

"In the end I made a move back, started to make progress and then Marc was coming, passing me on the straight, but I’m really happy with how the race went. I knew it was going to be a bit of a scrap with Marquez on the last lap and I wasn’t wrong. I passed him early, he came back on the straight, so I stuck it up his inside on the brakes.

"He was struggling with the bike, but he still tried to come back at me in the final corner, but I was having none of it! It was a good, clean fight; a great result and I hope the crowd enjoyed it as much as I did. I wanted it bad and it’s mine."

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