Northwest 200: Easton team boss Morgan confirms serious injuries

Easton, seen here with Pirelli supremo Jason Griffiths, has suffered serious injuries
Easton, seen here with Pirelli supremo Jason Griffiths, has suffered serious injuries Picture: Paul Sturman

MSS Colcheser Kawasaki boss Nick Morgan has confirmed to this afternoon that Stuart Easton’s injuries are a lot more serious than those initially diagnosed, including two broken legs, and the 27-year old faces a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

In addition to his legs, the Scot has suffered two broken hips, a broken pelvis, a broken coccyx, a punctured bowel and other minor injuries including broken fingers in the spill, which happened when he ran into the back of Gary Mason at around 150mph on the opening lap of yesterday’s first practice session.

“When we first got to the hospital we were told that Stuart had dislocated his hip and broken his elbow but the more the doctors looked at him, the more they found things and he’s got some quite serious injuries with the internal damage obviously the main concern," said Morgan.

“One of the doctors said he couldn’t count how many pieces the pelvis was broken into as there were that many bits but he was operated on last night and had external fixators fitted to both his pelvis and legs to hold everything in place. They removed his bowel, repaired the puncture and then replaced it but he had to have three pints of blood during the op so the doctors put him on a ventilator although they’re hoping to bring him off that later today. He’s been stabilised and the doctors are pleased with how everything’s gone so far. It’s one of the best hospitals around so he’s in good hands.

“He’s obviously taken a huge impact but he’s a strong little fucker and even when we saw him yesterday he was effin and blinding like mad about how his season was knackered and how pissed off he was! I think by that time he’d been put on the painkillers so he was buzzing a fair bit. Even though he was in pain it was almost laughable in a way that he was talking about the BSB season!

“People are already talking about what caused the accident but the fact of the matter is we don’t know and Stuart’s the only one in a position to be able to say but the accident would have happened in a split second so he’ll only know so much.

“We’ve gone through a whole range of emotions these last few days at Croft and here but we’re a small, close-knit team and Stuart’s accident has hit us all hard. He’s been buzzing all year long and at the hospital yesterday he was talking about how much he was enjoying the season, and how glad he was to be part of the team. The banter’s always been so strong so we’re all thinking of him right now.”

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