Redding puzzled over 22-litre fuel tank

Redding downloads with crew chief Diego Gubellini
Redding downloads with crew chief Diego Gubellini Picture: Bonnie Lane

Go&Fun Honda’s Scott Redding ran a fuel tank that holds just over 22 litres of fuel at the opening Qatar MotoGP round and is at a loss to understand why that is.

The Gloucestershire rider, who spoke to at Silverstone today during the unveiling of his sponsor Bennett’s Search for a Star contest winners, has also changed his expectations for the season, saying the aim now is to stay in front of Nicky Hayden after beating him first time out.

“For some reason, our 24-litre fuel tank doesn’t hold 24 litres, so we were 1.8-litres of fuel down on what we should have. We should have had a bigger tank, you don’t have to put 24 litres in it,” said Redding.

“We could have used more fuel as it’s more speed when you are underpowered, to an extent. We couldn’t use the full power we used in qualifying as we had to save fuel. Maybe if we had more fuel we could have latched on the group in front for ten laps.

“Texas might be worse with long straights and time spent on the side of the tyre. I have pushed for a bigger tank. We can use 24 litres why not? I have requested a carbon cover to make the tank feel bigger for me as my knees go over the top of it.”

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