Silverstone WSBK: ‘Another bad race day’ for Haslam

Haslam was unable to shine in conditions he usually revels in
Haslam was unable to shine in conditions he usually revels in Picture: Paul Sturman

BMW’s Leon Haslam underwent another frustrating World Superbike raceday at Silverstone, only picking up a handful of points in conditions that normally suit the gritty Derbyshireman.

Haslam just couldn’t keep temperature in the tyre after pulling more than a two-second lead in the first race and was overhauled while in the second, he wasn’t ever in contention but started to make up time as the heavy rain came down before slipping off and re-mounting.

“It was another bad race day. It wasn’t the fault of the team or the bike. We could have won race one, but were unfortunate with the weather and the tyre. In race two we had an issue during the first half, and there was something strange with the centre of the tyre when it was dry," said Haslam.

"The more and more it rained the better the tyre became and I started to catch the guys again, but then I crashed on some oil. I was able to get back into the race and moved up to 14th, but then it was red flagged and the classification was based on the result after lap eight, so I was out of the points. It is really frustrating. They should have stopped the race before that.”

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