Silverstone WSBK: BMW Italia boss confirms Spies negotiations

Foti (left) says Spies is the number one target
Foti (left) says Spies is the number one target Picture: GeeBee Images

BMW Italia team boss Serafino Foti has today confirmed he is in negotiations to bring Ben Spies back to the World Superbike Championship in 2013 but took great pains to point out the deal is far from confirmed.

The Italian media has reported that Spies is already under BMW’s wing but Foti refutes that, saying it is at best 80 per cent certain the former champion will return to the series. Talks began for his return at the Brno WSBK round and are continuing but Foti says that Spies is an expensive rider and that could be a stumbling block.

"Yes, we are talking to Ben but nothing is sure. I like Ben. Also Jonathan (Rea) is a fast rider, also Crutchlow, but in this moment the priority is Ben. We have talked with him for everything and I think it is 80 per cent, 70 per cent Ben come back in Superbike but it is not sure," said Foti, speaking to at Silverstone.

"We will know the situation more the end of August, beginning of September, before the Nurburgring about the second rider. We don’t want, at the moment, contact many riders, in this moment we are focused on one rider but it’s not sure. Then, in case, this rider not make our team, then we contact another rider. For me, it’s not professional to have proposal here, there, here, boom, boom.

"For sure Marco is signed and he will bring with him six, seven people including Andrea Dosoli, his side of the garage. I think maybe Andrea will be technical manager and sporting director for me."

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