Spies told to shape up or stay at home by Yamaha bosses

Spies is wondering what can go wrong next weekend
Spies is wondering what can go wrong next weekend Picture: Yamaha Racing

Factory Yamaha’s Ben Spies has revealed that he was told by Yamaha’s top brass at Mugello that he must give 100 per cent at Laguna Seca or not bother turning up.

The Texan, who took part in the Italian race despite suffering from dizziness, fatigue and impaired vision brought on by food poisoning, said that a ‘high-up’ member of Yamaha staff said that if he wasn’t going to give his all at the California track, he should stay at home.

Spies has suffered two mechanical failures in the last two races with his engine blowing today at Indianapolis which followed a rear suspension failure at the bottom of Laguna’s Corkscrew. Add to that his tyre chunking problem and it would seem that if Spies fell into a bucket of tits, he would come up sucking his thumb.

"It has got to a laughing point for me, I’m not even upset about it. It has been so many things one after another and you don’t know how to respond to it. After Mugello, when I had food poisoning, that was a bad experience and I tried everything I could there to do what we could to get a result, I was told by someone at Yamaha that if I wasn’t going to ride 100 per cent at Laguna, don’t show up," said Spies, speaking to bikesportnews.com this evening.

"It came to Laguna, I tried the best I could and the bike had a malfunction. The we came here with 100 per cent, did the best we could and we had another mechanical with the bike. I’ve given my 100 per cent and to be told what I was told after Mugello, and the way it was, and to give the effort I have I don’t think it is too fair.

"I know my team, my crew is giving me everything. The bike has been good the last two weekends but I don’t respect what was told to me. I’m not going to say any names but it was someone high up."

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