TT 2011: Cooper ‘getting comfortable’ with big bike speed

Cooper on his way through the Gooseneck last night
Cooper on his way through the Gooseneck last night Picture: Centurion Racing

Centurion Racing’s Dan Cooper says he getting to grips with riding his Fireblade around the Mountain at this year’s Isle of Man TT, especially after softening the suspension, but maintains it is all about enjoying the experience.

Cooper, who has only raced a Supersport bike here before, is steadily building his pace, increasing to a 115.183 lap last night on the Honda before switching to his more familiar British Supersport Triumph to post a 110.601mph lap.

"Having lost Monday night due to the weather, I’ve obviously been keen to get in as many laps on the big bike as possible because, apart from a few laps at Rockingham, I’ve never ridden a 1000cc bike before let alone at the TT. I’m very much finding my feet at the moment but we’ve been chipping away and just been putting some steady laps in as it’s still only my second time here and I’ve still got an awful lot to learn," said the youngster.

"The track’s been resurfaced in places and a lot smoother whilst I’ve been surprised at how cold it’s been up on the Mountain late in the session. Softening the suspension was definitely an improvement with the big bike though and I feel a lot happier and comfoirtable with it now and we’re heading the right way. It’s great to be back here, I just love the place, so it’s all about building on what I learnt last year and enjoying myself throughout."

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