TT 2012: Slow-starting Anstey needs to find a rhythm

Anstey says he lost the race in the first third
Anstey says he lost the race in the first third Picture: Tony Goldsmith

Padgett’s Honda man Bruce Anstey increased his TT podium tally to 23 after swallowing up Guy Martin on the penultimate lap of today’s Dainese Superbike race but said he lost the chance to win after not getting into rhythm early enough.

The 42-year-old Kiwi said his first two circuits were messy and a visor problem coming out of Quarter Bridge also cost him some time but he reckons he will now get his head down and be on it right from the start. Which could be ominous for the opposition.

"That’s 23 podiums for me now so I guess I’m not doing too bad am I? The first two laps were rubbish though and I just couldn’t get into a rhythm so that’s where the race was lost for me. I had a bit of trouble with my visor too and had to mess around with it one lap coming out of Quarter Bridge so it was all a bit messy to begin with. It was quite gusty on the Mountain to with quite a strong headwind. I had a great first pit stop though and after that I told myself to get my head together, steady myself and then build it all up again," said Anstey.

"I got going properly, battled away and the second half of the race went really well so it was good to finish with a 130mph+ lap. I lost 6th gear on the final lap and spent most of it in fifth but, aside from that, the bike’s working well as is the team so it’s just up to me to get going from the very beginning. If you’re not on it right from the start, it’s hard to claw back the time."

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