Barbera struggling to tame ‘beast’ Ducati GP16

Picture: Bonnie Lane

Spain’s Hector Barbera is at the polar opposite of compatriot Alvaro Bautista when it comes to the Desmosedici GP16 as he is struggling to make it work while the Pull&Bear man scored a fourth-place finish at the Argentine MotoGP round.

Barbera didn’t have the best run into the season, suffering a broken collarbone which meant he missed the Qatar test, and now after two races, he knows the bike won’t adapt to him - it had to be the other way around as he says there was not a single corner where he feels comfortable.

“It has been a very complicated weekend and there has been no way to tame the ‘beast’. We have tested all the settings that this bike allows. I have not done two rides with the same configuration and we are at a point where it is clear that the bike cannot adapt the bike to my style. That’s why I’m clear that I have to adapt to the bike,” said Barbera.

“Already last year when I tried it did not go well and all winter has cost me a lot. The first race in Qatar was not a reference because my collarbone was bad, but the feelings were very bad. But here it was already good and have not improved. In 25 laps there has not been a curve where it went well and that is impossible, because I go all the time fighting with the bike.”

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