Confident Vinales ‘can smell victory’

Picture: Gold&Goose

Movistar Yamaha’s Maverick Vinales has been buoyed by his MotoGP podium at Austin and believes that at the high-grip circuit at Jerez, he should be able to take victory.

The Spaniard, who hasn’t won a race since Le Mans 2016, has made some big alterations to his electronics package and the throttle is now much more in his hand instead of in the ECU, so he is able to find his own grip.

“We know we improve quite a good thing from Argentina, and we have a way to go to improve even more. “Everything is changing, our way of approaching the weekend also. I can smell the victory,” said Vinales.

“Now we have to improve another little step in Jerez. It seems the grip is good there and when it’s like that, our bike flies. I think it’s a track that fits quite well for our bike and we’re going to try our best.”

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