Costello Paton crew chief reveals Classic TT podium secrets

Picture: Costello Racing

Swiss engineer Peter Beugger has revealed to BSN his preparation techniques that he hopes will get motorcycling superwoman Maria Costello to a second successive podium in the Senior Classic TT on August 26.

Last year Costello finished third on Beugger’s 500cc Paton, a twin-cam parallel twin based on a design that appeared in GPs in the late sixties. Now Beugger’s approach to the world’s most demanding circuit could give her a repeat success.

“I’m proud of my workshop that is equipped with a CNC lathe, conventional lathe, mill, welding equipment and all the tools that make life easy,” said Beugger, an engineer and retired airline pilot.

“The modifications that I do on the Paton are mainly for reliability, ergonomics and ease of maintenance. In the case of reliability, it’s mainly the lubrication system we had to attend to and all the other bits and pieces that can fall apart on that cruel track.

“On the ergonomic side it’s mainly driveability (power curve) and handling, steering, brake and throttle control. Maria has to feel as comfortable as possible, if that ever can become true on that bumpy 37.73 miles of road.

“Maintenance-wise, it’s important that routine work such as fairing removal, wheel changes, damper and spring settings etc, don’t take much time, so you can concentrate on the all-important work of checking over all the vital parts, making changes and the wire-locking of nuts and bolts to get ready for the next scrutineering.

“So you see, it’s not the one real exiting super-duper big thing that makes for a successful machine, it’s all those tiny little things that make up the puzzle.

“The bike weighs about 132kg without fuel and turns out about 75bhp. We have a nice power curve between 8000-12,000rpm. Last year our top speed on the Sulby Straight was around 140mph.”

Beugger’s wife Barbara and ex-racer and Manx resident Richard Bairstow make up the team. So there you go, Classic TT bike builders - a lesson in how to get the motorcycle back to the Glencrutchery Road after 151 miles of the Mountain Circuit. Note that Beugger’s first word of advice is “reliability”. Power barely comes into it.

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