Ducati’s Tardozzi promises further corner speed improvements

Picture: Gold&Goose

Ducati MotoGP team boss Davide Tardozzi has promised even more improvements to the GP18’s mid-corner speed which could put Jorge Lorenzo in an even stronger position ahead of the 20-18 season.

Lorenzo relies heavily on that area to put in blisteringly fast and consistent lap times but it was lacking in 2017’s bike. The first iteration of the GP18 enabled the Spaniard to set a new outright lap record at Sepang, and Tardozzi said there is more to come this weekend at Buriram.

“We are very happy because both riders and Petrucci, as he has the same bike, are very happy as they appreciate the new engine’s power delivery and they said good things about the chassis, and entering the corner,” said Tardozzi.

“We are still struggling with the exit of the corner, there is some pumping at the back. We will have some more news in the next two tests and we really think we will improve these positive things for Jorge and Andrea. In Buriram, we will have something else that will help Jorge carry the corner speed.”

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