Gorgeous George wins Wheatcroft Trophy at Donington Classic

Picture: Chris Byrne

Multi-talented George Hogton-Rusling blew away opposition from lighter Yamaha TZ350 two-strokes to win the £500 first prize in the Wheatcroft Trophy race on Peter Hercberg’s 1100cc Suzuki XR69 superbike at the Donington Park Classic Festival.

The 26-year-old from Rotherham also won races on a a pair of 750cc Triumph Tridents and a TZ350 in a three-day, 49-race CRMC extravaganza of historic racing. An amazing aspect of Hogton-Rusling’s performance is that he switches without a qualm from the right-hand mounted gear lever on the British bikes to a left-side change on the Japanese machines.

“It seems to go alright. Just don’t overthink it,” said modest George. “Once I put the bike in gear, I’m OK.”

By the time the Donington meeting was over, Hogton-Rusling had competed in around 20 races, recorded wins on all of his machines, and pocketed a total of £1000 in prize money. The other £500 came from winning the ACU 350cc championship race for sponsor Lee Gourlay on the TZ.

He also clinched the CRMC’s King of the Classics award for season-long performances.
Where does such an obvious talent go from here? “I’d like to have a go on a modern bike, probably a 1000,” said Horton-Rusling, whose day job is driving a car transporter. “I think I could do something there.”

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