Haslam to mentor Verwey brothers in new Junior Supersport class

MCE British Superbike front runner Leon Haslam will mentor Luke and Kade Verwey as they progress into the new British Junior Supersport class for 2018.

The brothers, who hail from Silverstone, have previously ridden in the KTM RC Cup but are now moving into the new class under the Team Green banner with their own team on Kawasakis prepared by Nick Morgan’s MSS mob.

“I had a conversation with Kawasaki about helping some kids next season, especially with their activities away from the track such as training and diet, and Luke and Kade were put forward. They will stay with me for a part of the year, training with me and hopefully we can get some good results together,” Halam told BSN.

The Verweys’ father Warren is an ex-racer having competed in endurance racing and also as in the Manx Grand Prix. Kade started racing at 14 but elder brother Luke wanted to finish his GCSEs before he got into the saddle, so began later.

“I get loads of tips and tricks from my brother.He’s been out there and has basically made all the mistakes for me. So I can learn from him. You can’t buy seat time, so having Kade as a teammate has been an advantage for me,” said Luke.

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