Honda RCV ‘felt like it was on a knife-edge’ says Miller

Picture: Gold&Goose

Australian MotoGP star Jack Miller feels he is more in control of his Pramac Ducati than the RC213V he rode previously and it shows as the youngster was at the sharp-end of Sepang testing last week.

The former Moto3 title challenger, who missed out the Moto2 stage of his career entirely, reckons the Honda was on a constant knife-edge and he felt the blade plenty of times, especially at Le Mans where he miraculously escaped serious injury.

“The main difference for me is that I feel more in control of this bike than I ever did with the Honda, because the Honda felt like it was on a knife-edge the whole time,” said Miller.

“Most of the time on the Honda for the last couple of years I didn’t feel like I had much margin to play with and maybe be able to use to get that last little bit of laptime out, but on this bike I’m more controlling it, you could say.

“The way to get those last tenths off seems like it’s more in my hands, and the better laptimes are coming more easily to me in some ways. I don’t feel like I have to go crazy or ride over the edge to get a laptime out of it, which is a huge positive.”

Miller's Le Mans crash...
Miller's Le Mans crash... Picture: Gold&Goose
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