‘I can be as competitive in 2017 as I was in 2015’ - Brookes

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Anvil TAG Yamaha newboy Josh Brookes believes he can be as competitive in 2017 with the Anvil TAG Yamaha team as he was in his MCE British Superbike Championship-winning year.

In 2015, the Australian started out with a road-spec R1 on slicks with Ohlins suspension at Donington but went on to win 13 races and was only off the podium three times all year. And he believes he can be as competitive again after showing that even on a bike he has never seen before, he was able to win three Superbike races in his native land.

“I was pleased the other week to go and ride a Kawasaki and win races, even at short notice. I hopped on that bike for a weekend, won three races and the overall. So, I think it was good to show I can still do that,” he told BSN.

“To go back to the Yamaha In BSB wasn’t the first thing on the list but the fact it is a Yamaha is not a negative point. I know the bike, I know what it takes to get them to work well and that’s what Rob runs, so it wasn’t a difficult choice.

“I don’t think the 2015 bike reached its full potential. The idea is to win at the slowest possible speed, so while I was winning, development stopped. I think there is more potential from the bike for what I want. I can’t speak for other riders because other riders haven’t enjoyed riding it but then I didn’t enjoy the BMW so it’s horses for courses.

“I won’t know what the bike is like until I get to ride it but the bike that won the championship in 2015 wasn’t suitable for other people to win on last year so it doesn’t mean it is right or wrong, it just doesn’t suit a particular rider.

“In qualifying, the level has been lifted but not necessarily in the races. I think the tyre is a big indication of improvement but I think with race laptime - when I compared them or remembered what I had done - there was no major improvement if there was one at all. I would expect to be as competitive in 2017 as I was in 2015.”

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