Imola WorldSBK: Laverty makes bike balance breakthrough

Picture: Jamie Morris@GeeBee Images

Milwaukee Aprilia’s Eugene Laverty has finally made a setup breakthrough with the RSV4 which saw him able to maintain a decent pace through the whole of WorldSBK race two at Imola instead of going backwards as the laps clicked down.

Laverty has been struggling with too much weight over the front which has been marmalising even the hardest-option Pirelli but a new idea - which will be followed up by a parts upgrade at Donington - meant the Monegasque was able to stay in the fight for sixth place.

“It’s our best result of the year but more importantly, we were able to maintain pace through the race and go forwards. We learned so much and confirmed our thoughts over the last few rounds about the direction in which we needed to go,” said Laverty, speaking at the track.

“Hopefully, the new parts will arrive for Donington so they should help with that direction as well. We have been pushing to change the weight bias - even compared to last year’s bike some of the weight went in the wrong direction. We needed to move it around but haven’t been able to do that so we’ve been fighting a losing battle.

“We made some progress this weekend but in order to make another step we need these parts to move the weight in a different direction.”

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