MotoGP Misano: Loss of focus behind Lorenzo crash

Picture: Ducati Corse

Ducati’s Jorge Lorenzo admitted a loss of focus caused him to throw away his best chance of a win while leading the Misano MotoGP yesterday as he was distracted by thinking about engine maps.

The former champion had splashed his way to a four-second lead six laps but while he was contemplating electronics, he forgot to use the rear brake as he changed direction and was pinged out of the seat at turn six.

“I made a little bit quicker change of direction and not using the rear brake. It was enough. I didn’t expect that this change of direction meant losing so aggressively the rear, but it happened and it was a big pity. But when you are racing in the rain, this can happen,” said Lorenzo, speaking at the track.

“The system on the Ducati is more complex, still it’s not natural because usually I don’t change it too much during the weekend. I still haven’t completely adapted and I think too much about all the possibilities. This means I lose concentration on riding, it doesn’t mean I just couldn’t ride.”

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