Thruxton BSB: Kennedy takes tight Supersport victory

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GAC Logistics Jack Kennedy had to push hard to take a very tight Dickies British Supersport race at Thruxton. Alastair Seeley did finish in first place, but as he is on the Moto2 Spirit bike he can’t score points.

He was pushed hard by Appleyard McAdam’s Keith Farmer and on the final lap going into the last chicane the win could have gone to either Kennedy, Farmer and Irwin. But the Gearlink Kawasaki rider went wide at Club and looked on course to soar to victory.

Going into the final straight Lahti managed to take advantage of the fighting bikes ahead and was so close to getting the victory, but at the flag it was Kennedy, Farmer and Lahti who made up the podium.

At first it was Lahti who got the hole-shot from pole with Kennedy second and Irwin in third. On lap two Kennedy got the better of Finnish rider at the chicane, then Irwin went into the lead at Club going into the second lap.

On lap five Francis got up to third, then Seeley made an impact on his Spirit Moto2 machine in second. Then Francis tried to gain a place but crashed at Campbell, and was declared OK at the trackside.

On the ninth rotation Farmer was up to second, then Kennedy retook his spot. Then Irwin at Club overtook Farmer and Perrin – only for Farmer to battle back. It was actually Alastair Seeley who won the race, but as he is riding the Moto2 Spirit bike he is unable to score points.

Irwin and Perrie completed the top five times, with Currie, Twyman, Allingham, Truelove and Estment the top ten finishers. McAMS Yamaha’s newest rider Arthur Sissis bagged three points.

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