Order your Yamaha XSR900 Abarth edition tomorrow

We do like this in a weird kinda way.
We do like this in a weird kinda way. Picture: Yamaharr

We really like the look of the new XSR900 Abarth unveiled by Yamaha last year at the bike shows. And if you also liked the retro-styled designer roadster, best book a half day tomorrow and spend the afternoon on your laptop (you can put your ‘usual interests’ in a separate tab for the moment). Because the very limited numbers available for sale will be released at 16:00 GMT (UK time) tomorrow, Jan 17th.

Using the same system as it had for buying R1M superbikes, Yamaha’s taking orders for the first 95 bikes directly via a special web site. After that, the remaining 600 bikes will be thrown to Yamaha’s dealers to be divvied up across the international markets (mostly Europe it seems though). So you still have a chance of getting one if you’re tied up at teatime tomorrow - but you’ll need to have a very pally dealer rooting for ya.

The first 95 online buyers also get an invitation to a fancy riding event at a racetrack during 2017. Deliveries begin in April, and the UK RRP is £9,999.

The Abarth website is at www.xsr900-abarth.eu. Let us know how you get on!

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