2019 Dakar Rally: Barreda forced to call in air support

Monster Honda’s Joan Barreda had to call in air support after finding himself stuck at the bottom of a basin with no way out.

Barreda and his bike were helicoptered out of the area after the Spaniard came across a low visibility foggy and rocky area while opening the track, lost control of his Africa Twin which went into a slide down a ravine which it proved impossible to escape from.

“Sadly the Dakar ended for me today. It had been going very well, opening the track and pushing the riders ahead. When I reached the mountains I found a lot of fog that limited my visibility,” said Barreda.

“Following the directions of the roadbook and the GPS I reached a cliff, when I tried to return I saw that Walkner had also arrived, they saw me and stopped and were able to turn around, but from below it was impossible for me to climb back up. I tried to go down further and look for a route out along the ravine but it was impossible.”

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