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Brands BSB: Handbags as Seeley beats Kennedy in Supersport dust-up

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Alastair Seeley stole Dickies British Supersport victory from the clutches of Jack Kennedy this afternoon before a scuffle ensued between the two.

EHA Yamaha’s title contender snatched the win from the series leader by 0.026s before Dubliner Kennedy stuck a roundhouse left on his rival during the cool-down lap, which prompted shouting and fisticuffs.

Seeley stormed into the lead as the lights went out, grabbing a clear holeshot ahead of pole-sitter Kennedy while Jones and Ryde tucked in behind.

It wasn’t long before GP2-mounted Ryde slipped ahead into first, but Seeley had the top spot back moments later as he, Jones and Kennedy began to drop the prototype Kalex of Ryde.

But with just four laps completed of 12, red flags were thrown as a burst of rain hit the Kent circuit.

On the restart, Seeley again got the best launch as the usual three-way scuffle ensued behind, but Ryde found his way back ahead of the Northern Irishman before being shoved back to fourth as the three Yamahas took over at the front.

Kennedy and Jones moved ahead of Seeley with three laps in the bag before Seeley hit back at Jones to take back over the lead, but both former champs continued to wave their hands in a plea to have the race halted by organisers with rain falling more steadily.

From nowhere, an unaffected Bradley Perie powered into second place behind Seeley and behind him, Ben Wilson and Richard Kerr were having a go at Jones and Kennedy for the final rostrum spot.

Wilson laid a pass on Kennedy with just over two laps to go and took Perie at Druids before levering his way past Seeley at Graham Hill on the penultimate lap.

But Seeley and Kennedy passed the former championship runner-up to take back over the top spots with a lap to go just before Jones nudged Wilson back to fourth.

And the two title protagonists continued their usual battle as Kennedy slid underneath Seeley at Hawthorns, but the Wee Wizard slip-streamed ahead at the flag to nip the win by 0.026s, with Jones just behind in third.

Unhappy with Seeley’s actions after the flag, Kennedy kicked the former champ as the two headed down Paddock Hill on the cool down lap, which prompted a shouting and hand-waving match between the two on the run up to Druids.

The incident is under investigation.

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