Andy Kershaw leading Oliver’s Mount rescue bid?

Picture: BBC

Uncertainty clouding the future of racing at Scarborough’s Oliver’s Mount is on the verge of being cleared up.

While no formal announcement has yet been made, it is believed that an agreement has been reached between a consortium headed by radio DJ Andy Kershaw and Scarborough Borough Council to stage at least two events this year including the Gold Cup.

It follows long negotiations between the previous licence holder Peter Hillaby, who also holds a lease to property adjoining the course, and the council as to the termination of his rights.

The new license holders include Mick Grant, Eddie Roberts and Nick Jefferies, all well schooled in the business of racing as well as being TT and championship winners, and Scarborough enthusiasts.

The blockage arose from a dispute between Scarborough Council and the Auto66 club and founder Hillaby following a series of accidents in 2017 leading to suspension of racing last year.

The ACU required improvements in spectator safety to be undertaken, the council withdrew the club’s and Mr Hillaby’s licence to organise the races but their ownership of a lease controlling a portion of land necessary to the races proved to be a stumbling block to any new promoter.

That has now been overcome and it believed the safety requirements can be met. Kershaw, a well known road racing enthusiast, confessed to BSN at the start of their campaign that he had been a regular attendee at Oliver’s Mount for more than 40 years: “In fact the first time I was 13 and keeping it going is very important to me. And I would like to say that I have known Peter for a long time and he has done a great job.”

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