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Argentina WorldSBK:  Bad start but good finish for Davies

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Having taken a stand not to ride on the track surface that presented itself on Saturday for WorldSBK race one at San Juan, Chaz Davies and his Aruba Ducati took fourth in the sprint race, from seventh on the grid, with 21 laps less experience than most of the pack

On a much improved track, and in cooler conditions than those that helped make the first two days so difficult, Davies was a close second in race two, making it a happy ending for Davies - bizarre after all the rancour and verbal spats the day before.

“I was really happy with today, and even yesterday I probably could have had a good race, but yesterday wasn’t about that,” Davies told

“It was nice to finish the weekend this was. I really enjoyed the racing and I think it was good. I made it difficult for myself with a terrible start. I had to come through so it wasn’t ideal because it kept me out of the fight for the win in race two. But regardless, I still really enjoyed the races. I am happy to go home like this.

The bike was feeling good and I felt like I had a bit extra; I was pulling Rea in a little bit. It is one of those races where ‘what could have been.’ If we had got away together then I think you might have seen a race for it today. I realised with six or seven to go that I was not going to get there without taking big risks and I wanted to bring it home.”

After two such successful races, and so few crashes, was there any feeling that maybe the riders who did not race could have on Saturday.

“No absolutely not,” said Davies. “No way. Of course we could have raced, we could have gone and put our leathers on but that is missing the point, which was that the majority said that they were not happy with the track conditions, but only a select few went through with it.

“I understand the position that some of the riders are in. The fight for third is pretty intense right now, so those guys are marking each other and I completely understand and sympathise with them.

“They did not really have an option because you watch the next guy and the next guy goes, then you need to go. If you want to keep yourself in the fight for third, it is super-important. Jonathan was the guy that actually could have made a difference, and he didn’t stand.”

Davies agreed that the track surface was so much better on Sunday but doesn’t think that enough effort was put in on Saturday to make it good.

“The track today was three-and-a-half second quicker, it is just insane. I just do not understand, actually I do understand, I just don’t think Dorna really did their best to make two quality safe races today with a full grid. That is what we all wanted. Give the fans a show today and I stand by that was the absolute safest way to go about this weekend and we actually did them a favour yesterday putting only 12 bikes on track, only 12 spread out bikes going into turn one, and not 18.”

The track was fine. Obviously of you go off line then it is still slippery, but on line was good. Actually the track has got a lot of grip now there is rubber down and the temperatures are stable it has a lot of grip. I think this weekend is just a learning experience for everyone. It should be.

“People are not in the safety commission meetings and they do not know the questions I have been asking about this place for months. We did not want to get on the bikes yesterday because the track was not ready to go yesterday.

“I have been asking questions for months in the Safety Commission about the standard that we are going to find here and it turned out to be… the impression that gave me in the Safety Commission was that they were not going full steam ahead, put it that way, with making this place ready to go from Friday morning. Or, they were not putting the pressure on the circuit to make sure it was like that. That’s obvious now.”

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