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Argentina WorldSBK: ‘I felt bad I had to race’ – Haslam

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Leon Haslam, with a sore knee and thumb after his big Friday crash at San Juan, was as always tough enough to race to his maximum, but just not on a track surface that had been so inconsistent all weekend.

“Honestly, l felt we shouldn’t race and I feel bad that I had to race,” said Haslam after 21-laps that six riders opted to miss but didn’t expand on why he eventually went to the grid.

I made my point clear that I wanted to make a point not to ride with all the ten other riders that were in that meeting. There were several other people who did not want to race that did. Each to their own for the decisions - but I feel more sorry for not standing by the guys that didn’t race. I did firmly believe that they shouldn’t have raced.”

Haslam still thinks even racing on Sunday will not be ideal, after his race one experiences. “The problem is that it is so slippy off line. If you are on that line it is OK, but in racing situations, in these hot temperatures, that is the danger.

“In the cooler temperatures this morning the track was a lot nicer. If it is more like the weather forecast and cooler then hopefully everyone can race.”

In the opening race of the weekend Haslam fought with Alex Lowes for a time, but on his first visit to San Juan sixth was a good result, in the circumstances.

“It was one of those races and it is a new venue for me,” said Haslam. “I felt the track was really difficult, especially coming back from 14th place on the grid. I ran off the track several times and the narrow line was so hard, especially in racing conditions. We did what we had to do, finished the race and we will do the same again tomorrow.”

Riding injured was another factor for Haslam to deal with, and he did, after crashing at the corner where oil is reportedly seeping through the surface.

“I am just stiff, to be honest with you, in my lower back,” he stated. “I tweaked a ligament in my thumb, and I have a small cut on my knee. It was OK but I had a little bit of back pain in that race, but my tyre had already gone so it did not really affect my result.”

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