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Brands BSB: Brookes hunting third King of Brands crown

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REIGNING King of Brands Josh Brookes says he’ll try everything he has tomorrow to retain the title, but admits it won’t be easy – least of all because of the pace of his Be Wiser Ducati team-mate, Scott Redding.

The Aussie was beaten to pole by a mere 0.007secs this afternoon after a late dash following a red flag, something he feels probably stopped him getting the best time he possibly could, but believes the battle is far from over.

“The red flag sort of made it hard to come back at Scott. He put in a good lap time to get pole and it was very close, there was almost nothing in it,” he said. “After that I gave it everything I had to get the better of him, but it’s the two races tomorrow that are crucial.

“After the red flag I went back out and tried again and I think I did a very good effort to almost match the times again especially after a stop and start, everyone knows that’s a difficult task but I think I did well there so that’s given me confidence for the race tomorrow.

“Earlier in the weekend I was a bit concerned because I was having to ride so hard, like physically myself to make the bike do a good lap time whereas now we’ve sort of got the bike in a range now where I feel like I can relax a lot more and maintain the lap time so obviously I’m more confident in the bike.

“Confidence makes speed so I’m confident that that’s going to hopefully show in the races.”

While the only man in front of him on the grid is his team-mate, Brookes feels that Redding will be hard to beat, but is also sure a number of other riders will be giving their all.

“Of course I’ll be trying to retain the crown, I know everyone going over their data sheets in the garages will be trying to make that a hard task but I’ll certainly try my best.

“The thing that makes it interesting is because I know what Scott’s riding on and we’re in the same pit garage, share the same information and material so that changes the dynamics a little but of course you don’t want to get beaten by anybody.

“I don’t think you’d make a very good champion if you were happy to come second to someone. Everything went as I could’ve planned, certainly the red flag didn’t suit ideally the format of having a new tyre and giving it the best but Scott got that lap better than I did so he’s deserving of the pole position.”

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