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BSB bosses announce changes to red-flag rules

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Bennetts British Superbike chiefs have this morning issued changes to the red-flag rules which will come into force at Donington Park this weekend.

There have been various alterations to the regulations including changes to criteria for a full re-start and having to re-start from the back of the grid.

The statement reads:

If a race has to be stopped between three laps and two-thirds race distance, rounded down to the nearest whole number of laps, by the race leader, (or a race is under safety car conditions and the deployment was initiated before the two thirds point and is subsequently stopped), then the race will be restarted.

a) Competitors will be restarted from a grid based on the finishing order of the previous part of the race.

b) The finishing order of the previous part of the race will be the classification order of last crossing the finish line prior to the showing of the red flag.

Previously we classified one full lap prior to the red flag point which had the effect of constituting a starting grid for the restart that was different to track position at the point of the red flag. Now at the point of the red flag the classification on the screen will be the grid for part 2 with the exception of taking out those not actively competing and placing them at the back of the grid (see below). This also avoids spaces left on the grid for riders with unknown medical/techncial conditions.

c) Only riders who have completed 75% of the previous part of the race (rounded down) may re-start. This may include the rider(s) involved in any incident which caused the Red Flag. However, any rider who crashes must obtain medical clearance before being allowed to re-start. A Medical Officers decision in this respect is final. Any crashed motorcycle must also be checked and cleared by a Techncial Official. Any rider(s) not actively competing at the point of the showing of the red flag, but who have completed 75% of the previous part (rounded down) may restart, but must start from the last position(s) on the starting the grid in order of classification, or the pitlane exit.

Previously all riders who had completed 75% were eligible to start and by going back a lap the restart grid included riders who had fallen, even caused the red flag, maintaining a regular grid position without any disadvantage.

For example the leader could fall and the bike stops in a critically dangerous position not particuarly damaged and the rider uninjured, still warranting a red flag. In the previous rules by taking the classification one lap before the red flag the rider would be on pole for the restart – now they re-start from back.

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