BSB Brands finale: ‘I gave it everything I had’ – Dixon

Picture: Impact Images

Championship runner-up Jake Dixon paid tribute to his strong RAF Regular and Reserves Kawasaki team this evening, as he admitted he gave today’s race everything he had.

Dixon crossed the line second behind Be Wiser Ducati’s Glenn Irwin, but it wasn’t enough to stop Leon Haslam taking the title as he rolled home in sixth.

And he admits that even though there was no pressure, he went out all guns blazing to try and salvage his chances of taking the fight to the final day.

“I’m a little bit disappointed, obviously,” he said. “Maybe if it wasn’t for the engine going bang at Assen the gap would’ve been even smaller here so we could’ve taken it until tomorrow.

“But it didn’t happen, Leon’s won it, you can’t dwell on it, a massive congratulations to him.

“The thing is I gave everything I had. I had no pressure on me in that race, I laid it on the line but the Ducatis and the Yamahas really suit this track and it was a real, real struggle.

“The Kawasaki is just a bit harder on the front tyre but at other tracks we are very strong. It’s just one of those things.”

Coming into the weekend as the underdog, Dixon knew it was always going to be a long shot, especially when up against the might of the JG Speedfit squad.

“He’s won 14 races and has done a mega job. Obviously the JG Speedfit team’s done a great job as well to give him the best bike on the grid.

“But my team have been fantastic and I can’t thank them enough. JG Speedfit has a big budget and is a factory backed team - we’re just a little team that haven’t got the budget and struggle to finish a year so it’s just one of those things.

“I’m not taking it away from anyone. My whole crew is fantastic and I wish them all the best in the future and I want to go out on a high. I’m going to just try and give it the maximum tomorrow.”

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