Cadwell BSB: Wet track ‘not my cup of tea’ - Redding

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Picture: Impact Images

Cadwell Park rookie Scott Redding opted not to hit the track in today’s wet second Bennetts British Superbike session in the hopes the weather will pass overnight.

The Be Wiser Ducati rider admits he does need the wet track time but wasn’t keen to try his luck in the severe rain which lashed the track this afternoon.

“I just didn’t fancy doing some laps out there,” he revealed. “Obviously, Cadwell is one of the more dangerous tracks on the calendar and I always work for Sunday.

“I do need the wet track time to be fair but this is one of those places I’m not ideally keen on going out in the rain so we sat it out. We couldn’t do any laps this afternoon, it was just a safety thing but I am sorry that we didn’t get out.”

While Redding chose to stay in the confines of his pit box, team-mate Josh Brookes, who had been fastest in the dry this morning, was among the 13 riders who did take their chance in the sketchy conditions.

“Where Josh has got experience with the bike in the rain and is good around Cadwell, he’s kind of used to these circuits but for me, it’s not really my cup of tea, especially in those conditions,” Redding added.

“But luckily it was just practice. If it’s raining tomorrow then we will go out, that’s for sure. There’s nothing we could do today so I’m just looking forward to tomorrow and putting some laps in.”