Camier’s injured shoulder ‘now structurally sound’

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Picture: GeeBee Images

Barni Ducati’s Leon Camier says his badly-mangled shoulder is now ‘structurally sound’ and he is anticipating a full recovery from the crash at Aragon which has kept him away from the most of the subsequent WorldSBK action.

The British rider went down on the first day of winter testing and save for a handful of laps at Portimao and at the first round in Australia, Camier hasn’t been able to ride but with a serious recovery programme, he can at least see he is heading in the right direction.

“The shoulder itself is structurally sound now and the doctors are anticipating a full recovery,” said Camier. They’ve told me it needs time, to keep trying to build strength up in it slowly and that seems to be the only way to do it.

“When I do return, I expect to be fighting some battles with it, but I expect to be better. With the extra time off that we have now, I hope to be as ready to go as possible.

It’s improving all the time but it’s a completely different situation to any other injury I’ve had before. Only the previous shoulder injury I had before dragged on a bit.

“That was quite a complicated situation with different doctors and different opinions, similar to what I have now. I decided to have the operation for this injury on Christmas Day and it is improving all the time.

“I was expecting to come back pretty quick, like I have done with other injuries, but this is dragging on; it is not just a simple broken bone, as there’s a lot going on in the shoulder.”

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