Continued improvements for Gino Rea

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Picture: EWC

Gino Rea continues to make progress in his recovery from a major accident at the Suzuki Eight-Hours earlier this month.

His family has provided further updates from Japan with positive news from both themselves and Rea’s doctors in the past 24 hours.

Had a good message from the Doctor this morning,” the family statement on Saturday reads.

His condition in the morning was stable. Once we reduced the dose of anaesthesia medicine, he opened his eyes, and made eye contact in a very short term. By our direction, he could hold his hand. To keep him safe we administered sedation, this will help with his recovery.”

The family have also been visiting frequently to see the progress for themselves.

Elaine, Shannon and Peter visited him today, as well as me and Isabella, he opened his eyes for short bursts and kicked his legs and moved his arms many times. Heading in the right direction. Thank you again for all your support. The Rea’s and Berdini’s.”