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Coronavirus: Kells Road Races cancelled

Picture: Derek Wilson

Following the news over the past few weeks that a number of the 2020 road races in Northern Ireland have been called off including the Northwest 200, Cookstown and Tandragee it has been confirmed by the North Mead Road Racing Club that the 2020 road races due to take place on the 2oth - 21st June has been canceled.

A statement from club chairman Johnny Farrelly said: “After receiving official confirmation from our governing body, the MCUI (SC), we can confirm that the Kells Road Races will NOT go ahead on our original dates for this year.

“As a club we do not wish to put residents, riders, spectators or officials in danger and feel the right decision has been made.

“After a successful 2019 we were all looking forward to this year’s event but we look forward to bringing bikes back to Crossakiel in 2021.”

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