Crashing is the way to learn in MotoGP, believes Morbidelli

Picture: Gold&Goose

MotoGP rookie Franco Morbidelli believes that Marc Marquez has shown the best way to learn your way around the class is to crash.

The Italian, who stepped into the premier class as Moto2 World Champion, thinks that to absolutely understand the limit of the RC213V, then you have to fall off it.

“Usually I don’t like to crash, I wasn’t a crasher in Moto2, I had very few crashes. But I understood that with the bike, if you want to understand the limit, you have to crash. You have to push and try to reach the limit and it’s really easy to crash when you’re trying to find the limit,” said Morbidelli.

“But Marc is teaching us. He told us that crashing is the way. We don’t have to be too greedy on that way but if you want to learn quickly, you have to push a lot.”

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