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Dakar 2020: Brabec enjoying 20-minute lead on rest day

Picture: A.S.O./DPPI/F.Flamand

Monster Honda’s Ricky Brabec is enjoying a rest day at the 2020 Dakar, safe in the knowledge that when action resumes tomorrow he will have a 20-second lead over the pack.

The American took his second stage win yesterday and now has Pablo Quntanilla and reigning champion Toby Price behind him.

“I didn’t really have a strategy. I wanted to catch Andrew Short who started in front of me and I did just that,” said Brabec.

“I rode with him all day. It was very unfortunate for Toby because he had a wheel mishap at maybe kilometre 330. I rode to the end and now we have a rest day and I have a 20-minute lead in the general and that’s really awesome. It’s really nice knowing that.

I can’t really believe it. It’s incredible. So now we are going to get some rest and recoup and refresh and get ourselves together ready for the next six days in Saudi Arabia.

“I’m more excited that we are here in warm weather than I am at being here for the rest day. I hate being cold. I have three layers on right now but it’s warmer and I’m liking it.

” Nacho’s riding really well. He’s a great team-mate and a great-camper mate. The problem with Toby is going to set him on fire next week, so we have to be careful next week. Hopefully we can stay ahead of him.

“I won the stage today so I have to lead out. Hopefully I can lead out well. So we will rest and put our things together and hope for a good day.”

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