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Davies waiting on Ducati for new WorldSBK deal and V4 test

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Chaz Davies might be forced to sign a new WorldSBK contract with Ducati before he gets to ride the 1000cc version of the Panigale V4.

Rumours in the Misano paddock stated that Ducati bosses have said that no-one will test the new bike until a new deal is signed.

Davies didn’t confirm that was the case but said he was waiting on a new deal form the Bologna factory.

“Right now we still have to finalise the contract for next year. Everybody says, ‘When do you test the new V4?’ I will test the bike when the conditions are right. We need to just discuss this weekend again about the future. The ball is in Ducati’s court a little bit with that,” Davies told bikesportnews.com.

And he still looking at other rides, as he explains. “Obviously the most competitive teams. And whatever is remaining in MotoGP. I am not going around and asking every team something but the competitive teams sure, we are speaking, but nothing is finalised yet. I am just waiting for the Ducati guys to come back to me this weekend with something.”

The question of Davies riding the V4 is something like putting the cart before the horse.

“I have not ridden the new V4,” said Davies when asked if he had tested it yet. “I have ridden it across the Golden Gate Bridge, if that counts [as a promotional stunt with many of his fellow WorldSBK riders shortly before the Laguna Seca weekend]. But that is about as much as I have done on it.”

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