Donington WorldSBK: Haslam putting together electronics jigsaw

'Lionel Blair doesn't have his hair cut like that' 'He does when he comes in here...'
'Lionel Blair doesn't have his hair cut like that' 'He does when he comes in here...' Picture: GeeBee Images

Even though Leon Haslam has already completed a WorldSBK weekend on the Puccetti Kawasaki, Donington Park is proving equally as tough on electronics setup as Imola did two weekends ago.

In Italy, Haslam didn’t find a solution to his problems under braking and it appears that after three trips on to the grass at Melbourne today, his British Superbike crew have some midnight oil to burn to find a solution in time for Superpole.

At his home track, Haslam is setting fastest sector time on the fast and flowing part of the track, but when it comes to the hard-braking areas, he is struggling, and a missed gear on his fastest lap saw him go from a potential third place to seventh overall.

“Anywhere I have to be on the brakes hard I’m not to happy with at the minute. We’re having an issue with the rear wheel lifting so we’ve got to look at the engine braking and figure that out,” said Haslam, speaking at the track.

“We had the problem at Imola and here we’ve got the last three corners. From Craner to McLeans, I am fastest but every time I have to use the brakes, I lose three-tenths. I have turned a lot of the electronics - like anti-wheelie - off to try and understand it.

“But then to match the guys who are running it, we have to turn it back on again. At the minute we are between the two. We are a big step away from the factory boys and where I want to be with feel but we’ve got tomorrow morning top understand some more.”

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